Mechanical scale vs. digital scale – which is better?

Good question, and the answer may be surprising.

Clinical practitioner environments  such as doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, weight loss clinics and gyms have all been choosing overwhelmingly to purchase digital scale products over mechanical ones for several years now.  That trend is observed in regards to scales purchased for home use.   Digital scales provide both a faster weight indication and finer graduations (increments) to indicate weight.  Faster weight results are crucial in clinical settings where a large volume of weighing evolutions take place (30-50 patients per day or more).  If 30 seconds are saved per each patient by using a digital scale, the weekly total time saved per week is a notable efficency/cost savings for any healthcare provider  facility.  Examined from a monthly or annual vantage point, the efficency is clearly a significant reality, and this translates into real dollar savings.

Mechanical scales, however,  continue to provide a crucial solution from a global perspective:  in less developed regions of the world, environments still pose challenges to digital scales.  Rough, jarring travel over un-paved roads, wide temperature swings, dusty atmospheres, and most importantly a lack of electrical service and battery supplies are all factors that make mechanical scales the more optimal choice in these types of settings.

Closer to home, many persons also prefer the classic “Big Dial” mechanical floor scales as a sentimental preference for home usage, or to match the style of the decor.  Some ideas and products are so good that they never go out of style, and there’s always a place for them.

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