Does using battery power effect the accuracy of medical scales?

This question occasionally comes up, especially from medical practitioners.  Scales used in the medical industry often (not always) run on both batteries and A/C power from a wall  outlet that is included with the scale, or available as a separate option.  It’s also very common for baby scales and floor scales in particular to operate on batteries-only, in keeping with their portable and/or space-saving design. 

When an A/C adapter is used on a scale, it either interrupts the battery circuit so the scale operates on A/C power only, without charging the batteries, or it both operates the scale and charges the re-chargeable batteries at the same time.  Both of these designs are widely produced, so consult your User’s Manual to see how your scale operates.  Important:  If the A/C adapter circuit is designed to re-charge the batteries simultaneously, be sure to use rechargeable batteries instead of non-rechargeable batteries in the scale.

The accuracy of the medical scale is completely unaffected whether battery power or A/C power is being used.  The scale’s electronic components are using the same amount of electrical current either way.  These days,  virtually all electronic scales have an auto-shutoff feature in effect when battery power is used, so batteries typically last several hundreds, to thousands, of weighings before the batteries need to be replaced.

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