Forward-looking: New, improved designs for infant scales

Our professional nurse readers may have observed changes over the years with respect to how many types of medical devices look and “feel” differently to both patients and practioners these days, versus 10 or 20 years ago.  For example, gone are the days where the majority of devices had a stainless steel appearance.

The new emphysis in medical equipment design (when possible) is, simply stated, all about ergonomics and use of plastics to increase patient comfort.  Years ago, it was common to see various medical devices that looked as if they were just as much “at home” in an industrial environment, such as a warehouse, as they are in the hospital or clinic setting.  Actually, there’s a reason this aspect of medical device design was prevalent in the past.  Many medical equipment manufacturers began their companies as industrial device designers and manufacturers, such as in the electric power, agricultural, and laboratory science industries to name just a few.  Over the course of many years, these manufacturers began to produce high quality medical equipment for the healthcare industry…but did not percieve the need to also update their design sensibility to fit the most important aspect of the healthcare setting: human beings. The equipment still looked very “blocky” or “industrial”. 

Thankfully, this decade has seen the widespread introduction of smoothly contoured, curved devices that are examples of ergometric design, a hot-topic in office furniture and the interior design industry as well.  This design trend finds an ideal application in the design of baby scales and measurement devices – after all, infants do not like hard edges and stainless steel surfaces when they are being weighed!  This is a welcome trend and we look for this kind of design sensibility to continue, as it has proved to be very successful.

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