Weighing Toddlers w/ “TARE” or “Mommy/Baby” function

“Pediatric Pro’s” take note:  there’s an important function found on high-quality medical scales that’s designed just for you, and makes your job much easier…as in “several times a day” much easier, so this is important. 

How it works:

 On the better-quality medical scales (or one you’re thinking of purchasing), take a look at the list of features on the flyer or catalog to see if the scale has a function called “TARE/HOLD”, or simply “TARE” by itself.  (Also, check with the salesperson to see if you can obtain a free demo of the scale for a week or so to try it out at no cost).  The word “TARE” in scale language means “to take away weight”.  To illustrate, this means you can place an object on the scale such as a baby blanket, the weight will register in the display, then press the “TARE” key (the word “TARE” shows in the display at this point).  If the TARE function shares functionality on the same key,  and something else shows in the display, such as the word “HOLD”,  just start over and hold the key down either a slightly longer or shorter time (depending on the design of the scale) until you see “TARE” in the display; you’ll then observe the test weight you placed on the scale has been reduced in the display to zero.  At this time, you also weigh the infant or toddler, and the scale would only indicate the weight of the patient, not the extra stuff (such as a blanket, paper sheet, ect. that you placed on the scale before weighing).

How it helps in a big way:

Three things for sure:  1.  It’s a big time saver.  No more subtraction with pen and paper.  2.  Now its much easier to lay down a baby blanket on the scale, before weighing, to keep the baby comfortable, without being concerned about manually subtracting the weight of the blanket…and doing it accurately.  3.  With restless toddlers, you can first step on the column-style pediatric scales that have the TARE function yourself, TARE your weight out, then hold the toddler in your arms while still on the scale to more easily obtain a weight reading for the toddler, especially really hyper ones.

Those are 3 big reasons to either own, or look to buy, medical-grade infant and pediatric digital scales that have the “TARE” function included as a feature in the product description.  Do yourself a favor!

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