My scale says it uses “load cell technology”. What’s a “load cell”?

A load cell is an electronic device that converts a force into an electrical signal.  In this case, weight (force) is applied to the load cell (which can also be accurately called a “transducer”), an electrical signal is then generated, which is then measured by the circuitry of the scale.  This occurs in a two-stage process.  First the weight (force) is applied to the cell, causing a maleable element in the cell to warp (or deform) like a spring being compressed, for example.  The deformation of the “strain gage” element causes it to produce a very small electrical signal which in turn is amplified by circuitry, then digitally inserted into an algorithm to determine the amount of weight applied.

It goes without saying of course that this methodology of determining weight readings is exponentially more accurate and consistent than the spring-loaded dial mechanism found in many off-the-shelf cheap scales found in retail stores – use a load cell type scale for medical weighing.

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