Make the Scale Go Down vs. Up!

Who doesn’t have a cookbook for sale these days?  Apparently even the venerable American Heart Association (AHA) doesn’t want to be left out.  Here’s a rundown on a cookbook series that actually looks very user-friendly and hip to the time-crunched among us.  The key to dropping those scale readings is diet and exercise …it’s not an either/or option.   Here’s a couple cookbook ideas – check it out on or your favorite bookseller online or offline: 

American Heart Association - Meals In Minutes Cookbook

  American Heart Association Cookbook – Meals In Minutes

These easy-to-make recipes will inspire you to prepare delectable and healthful meals every night of the week. Each takes 20 minutes or less to prepare, so you’ll have time to take care of your tastebuds and your heart—even when you have a busy schedule.

12697-inter-teas  American Heart Association – Quick & Easy Cookbook

 Think you don’t have time to cook? With over 200 recipes that take 30 minutes or less to prepare, you can discover the joys of cooking at home without fuss or bother. Menu suggestions, shopping lists and cooking tips make it a cinch to get a delicious and heart-healthy meal on the  table fast.

(Thanks to the AHA for their cookbook descriptions)

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