10 Weight-Loss Resolution Tips for 2010

Most of us have a good handle on the basics of losing weight, but here’s some keen tips on the “inner game” of New Year’s resolutions that are really helpful:

Resolution Success Steps

Whether its weight loss, exercise or quitting smoking, you can set yourself up for success with these simple suggestions:

Purchase an accurate, high-quality floor scale.  Most retail “big box” store scales are low quality, low capacity, and have questionable accuracy to say the least.  Erase the doubtBuy new, and buy quality.

seca 719 digital coulmn scale for home use

Ponder your resolutions, let them “sink in” so they are not in the category of a “whim”.

Choose carefully.  Can you see yourself succeeding?  Only have 1 health goal at a time, such as loosing 13 lbs, versus listing 3-4 goals, such as taking yoga classes, ect.

Take baby steps.  This is huge, and perhaps the most important tip.  Don’t shock yourself with change, just simply progress and build momentum incrementally…dieting one hour at a time, one day at a time, with gradually increasing exercise routine.

Get it on paper.  Here’s an even better idea:  buy a cheap, dry-erase flexible whiteboard at an office supply store and mount it on your wall or on a door.  In big letters keep track of your goals, and hash-mark the milestones such as daily food intake successes and daily workouts completed.  Powerful. 

Team up wth a friend for accountability and solidarity.  There’s no substitute for human interaction, don’t set yourself up to feel like you’re  on an island by yourself.

Complete the goal in imagination.  How would it look and feel?  How do you plan to celebrate?  Visualize the challenge that you will face in the next 24 hrs (how will you prepare to handle the challenge of falling off the wagon, or binging on that cheesecake just because you made it 6 days so far and its Saturday night?)

Be really patient.  Look closely at progress only after 30 days, then after 60 days; change is difficult and takes time, but also has its own momentum one you get going.  One example of momentum would be the formation of a habit, another would be the decrease in cravings for certain types of food, beverages and tabacco after abstaining for several weeks/months.

Reward yourself.  This is often overlooked in American culture, which is not seen as a celebratory society.  How will you reward yourself.  Remember, it can easily be an activity, and not just another consumer item.

Add variety to the activity.  Change your exercise routing daily; buy a cookbook that specializes in dozens of different ways to prepare diet-orieneted salads and dishes; stretch yourself to get become much better at cooking, to the delight of future guests; superb amatuer chefs  are rare!

The idea of this “resolution tips” posting is inspired by Dr. Bruce Weiss M.D., Medical Director for United Healthcare of Michigan.

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