The importance of body composition in sports

Not only is body composition a factor when losing weight, it is an important fitness component, and an important factor for success in many sports. Taken together, these two factors may affect an athlete’s potential for success in a given sport.

Body composition is an important health and performance variable. Athletic performance cannot be accurately predicted based on a weight scale number. This is why body composition knowledge is beneficial for athletes when aiming to reach optimal performance in their sport. When an athlete is aware of their body composition it helps outline the areas that need further attention. When the areas that need focus are targeted, a regimen can be put into action.

A proper training regimen is effective in changing muscle and fat. With the right training and proper diet, an athlete is guaranteed that a good body composition can significantly affect a sporting performance.

When considering the importance of body composition, according to, here are a few examples of sports that require a healthy body composition to enhance performance:

  • Gymnastics
  • Boxing
  • Running
  • Diving
  • Fencing

Body weight can influence an athlete’s speed, endurance, and power, whereas body composition can affect an athlete’s strength, agility, and appearance. Keeping body fat in check and ensuring body composition is healthy can go a long way, not only in sports but for overall longevity and quality of life.

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