seca Assists in Massive Deployment of High-Tech Wireless Scales to New Medical Facility

University of Missouri

(January 2015) Following the selection by the University of Missouri Health System of seca as the best-in-class brand for medical weighing and measurement, seca provided direct customer support in the form of on-site technical assistance and consultation services during the deployment of over 80 cutting-edge wireless scales to the new South Providence Medical Park facility, located in Columbia Missouri. University of Missouri healthcare providers at the new 85, 500 square ft. building will offer the same excellent and convenient care in a state-of-the-art setting, propelled by seca wireless technology in the form of the popular 284 measuring station and 703 column scale. Installed in virtually every exam room on both floors of the massive, two-story medical office building, the seca devices were specifically selected by the University of Missouri for their ability to seamlessly interoperate and wirelessly transmit measurements to the new Welch Allyn Connex Vital Signs Monitor (CVSM). The device partnership between seca and Welch Allyn is an example of the technological acceleration taking place in healthcare delivery toward medical devices being integrated together, and with patient EHR/EMR systems, to increase efficiencies and reduce human transcription errors. Substantial technology competence and skills are needed for any medical device integration project involving different vendor products, and the technology partnership realized between seca and Welch Allyn has proved an example of dependable, seamless and rapid interoperability since its introduction to the market in 2014.

The University of Missouri support team was staffed by Jose Gregory from the seca North America Technical Services Department and Bill Morris, Product Manager. They were preceded in their activities at the South Providence Medical Park facility by a visit the prior week from a similar team of Welch Allyn personnel who installed the Connex vital signs monitors in each examination room to be paired with either a seca 703 column scale or 284 measuring station. The Welch Allyn devices were installed in a mix of wall-mounted and mobile configurations based on their locations in the building. Notably, the seca wireless 360 system channel and frequency customization feature was challenged to the limit due to so many wireless devices located within proximity to one another, requiring careful setup of custom frequency communications for each device to avoid transmission conflicts. The seca 360 system and Welch Allyn devices passed this challenging test with flying colors and on schedule. The future looks very clear and promising for clinical users to continue to specify seca 360 system devices, and for use in tandem with the Welch Allyn Connex monitor when medical weighing and measuring technology is needed.

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