Body Composition Analysis CPT Code Amended to Include Measurements Taken in the Standing Position

The American Medical Association (AMA) recently amended the Current Procedural CPT Codes_ImageTerminology (CPT) Category III Code 0358T. The code is used to report whole body composition assessments utilizing bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), the technique used by the seca medical Body Composition Analyzer 514.

Previously, CPT Code 0358T was available to healthcare providers only if a body composition test was conducted while the individual was in the supine position (i.e., laying down). The recent amendment modifies this code by eliminating the requirement for individuals to be tested in the “supine position” from the code description. Consequently, the code is now appropriate for use whenever body composition measurements are performed, when the patient is standing or laying down.

The expectation is that if all healthcare providers conducting a body composition assessment report the code to insurance companies, then insurers may start to recognize, accept, and reimburse the medical providers for the assessment.

CPT is a coding system with a list of detailed terms and specific codes which medical providers use for reporting medical procedures and services. Healthcare providers depend on the CPT system to effectively communicate with patients, physicians, and insurers about the procedures they’ve performed. The CPT Editorial Panel meets three times per year to ensure that CPT codes are up to date and providing patients with the most current medical care.

The revised code will read: “Bioelectrical impedance analysis whole body composition assessment, with interpretation and report.”

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