seca Measurement Results Make a Difference at the NBA Draft Combine

NBA_Draft CombineThe seca directprint 284 measuring stations were the preferred scales used in the recent 2015 NBA Draft Combine in Chicago, Illinois.  The NBA Draft Combine is a major event that occurs every May before the annual June NBA draft. This event gives top basketball players from U.S. colleges and around the world the opportunity to showcase their talent to National Basketball Association (NBA) coaches, general managers, and scouts. In order to participate in the combine, athletes must receive an invitation and be prepared to participate in physical measurements, shooting drills, medical tests, scrimmages and other various athletic tests. Overall, their performance and measurement results during the combine can greatly affect their reputation, draft position, salary and ultimately their career.

seca was invited by the President and Vice President of the National Basketball Strength and Conditioning Association (NBSCA) to provide measuring devices at this exclusive event. Three seca directprint 284 measuring stations were used to precisely measure each player’s height and weight. This device is a combination of a measuring rod and scale which simultaneously measures the individual’s height and weight, with an automatic calculation of BMI.

Every player attending the 2015 NBA Draft Combine had their body fat percentage, hand length, height (both with and without shoes), standing reach, weight and wingspan measured because these anthropometric measurements help coaches and analysts determine a player’s propensity to succeed. Players are trying to distinguish themselves from their peers with their basketball skills and measurement results. The player’s height is a major factor in basketball because their height determines the position they can play and how their body stature compares to current NBA players in the league.

Of all the tests and measurements the players endured during the combine, analysts are focusing most of their attention on the players’ height, weight, and wingspan. Therefore, a device that measures the players exact height and weight can give one player an advantage over their competitor when coaches are deciding which player is a better fit for their team. Furthermore, the seca directprint 284 gives coaches and analysts a sense of confidence when comparing the height and weight of players because of its extraordinary precision and accuracy.

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