seca Makes a Lasting Impression at the ACSM 62nd Annual

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seca exhibited at the (American College of Sports Medicine)’s 62nd Annual Meeting, the most comprehensive sports medicine and exercise science conference in the world, at the San Diego Convention Center from May 27th- May 29th, 2015. The annual meeting brought together over 5,000 physicians, nutritionists, public health officers, and other health & fitness professionals from around the globe to share new clinical techniques, scientific advancements and cutting-edge research in sports medicine. Standing out from the crowd, seca showcased its medical Body Composition Analyzer (mBCA) 514. The mBCA is the first and only body composition analyzer designed for medical use, and validated against the Four Compartment Model – the gold standard for fat mass estimation. Beyond offering a quick method of tracking and monitoring body fat and lean mass over time, the seca mBCA provides segmental analysis of muscles to help define specific physiotherapy treatment. Furthermore, the seca mBCA measures intracellular, extracellular, and total body water levels providing sports medicine professionals with valuable data on their athlete’s hydration status, allowing more focus on muscle health and not just tissue distribution. Customize each athletes’ training program and further educate them on nutrition and recovery strategies between practices and games.

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