seca mBCA praised at Overcoming Obesity 2015






seca recently exhibited at the Overcoming Obesity Conference in Washington, D.C. The conference was hosted by the Obesity Medicine Association and it attracted over 600 physicians from the U.S. that specialize in obesity medicine.

At the conference, the seca medical Body Composition Analyzer (mBCA) 514 was praised for its ability to help boost patient satisfaction.

Keeping patients happy is no easy task for any doctor. Crowded waiting rooms and short doctor-patient interactions can often hurt patient satisfaction scores. Less obvious things such as medical equipment that’s inaccessible to overweight patients could make a visit to the doctor unpleasant.

The unique design of the mBCA helps to maximize patient satisfaction by easily accommodating larger patients. The mBCA is equipped with handrails that offer patients both stability and support, while providing contact points for the stainless steel electrodes to measure the body. These handrails also provide fixed body positioning which ensures valid and reproducible results.

The low-profile glass platform of the mBCA makes it easily accessible for overweight and handicapped patients. At 3.25 inches tall, this sleek platform appoints the mBCA as the most accessible body composition analyzer on the market. All of these features assist physicians in improving patient satisfaction scores.
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