Nutritional Status Screening of Hospital Inpatients Should Include Body Composition Analysis

seca mBCA 525 body composition analyzer

seca mBCA 525 body composition analyzer

Poor nutritional status is an especially important factor in adult periprocedural care, particularly elder patients. Assessment screening tools can include history and exam, labs (for serum proteins), body composition analysis using the latest technologies, anthropometrics and functional data (such as the subjective global assessment of nutrition (SGA) and mini-nutritional assessment (MNA).  Validated screening tools should be used in tandem, two or preferably more, for nutrition status assessment.

This kind of screening is especially important given that individuals in certain patient populations with less than 80% expected total body protein levels have demonstrated increased morbidity, and 10% or greater unintentional weight loss has been associated with adverse outcomes and prolonged hospitalizations. In lean, healthy subjects, weight loss over 35%, protein loss over 30%, and fat loss over 70% from baseline has been associated with death.

Current bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) body composition analysis technology allows for a precise, medically-validated assessment of body composition to support nutritional status screenings of patients in supine position, such as needed with a typical inpatient.  This combined with other validated tools such as labs for example can provide clear guidance for periprocedural care.

Ref:  Nutritional Status Assessment in Adults Technique

Author: W Aaron Hood, DO; Chief Editor: Vikram Kate, MBBS, PhD, MS, FRCS, FRCS(Edin), FRCS(Glasg), FACS, FACG, FIMSA, MAMS, MASCRS

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